Do you mean what you say?

When you decide Internet marketing is one of your ways to earn extra money do you always mean what you say?

Integrity is one of the key ways to earn extra money

Being an Internet marketer means you are entering a competitive market. With the growth of Facebook and Twitter everyone thinks of the Internet as one of the easier ways to earn extra money.

The truth is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. We read of overnight successes caused by a YouTube video going ‘viral’. Going viral means your content gets seen by many people who then tell other people who tell other people etc. So traffic to your content grows at the rate of a virus.

That is the best way to market and what you should be aiming for. However there is another form of ‘virus’ in Internet marketing that is on the increase. It’s called the ‘daily email’. Now this can be in your Inbox or now just as frequently on your social network such as Facebook.

I have now taken a clear stand on this new virus. If I subscribe to a Blog or connect to someone on a Social Network I will count daily messages from them as unwanted ’spam’. The fact I have accepted a request to become a Friend is no licence to ‘pester’ me on a daily basis. One message is week fine. Continue reading

The Secret To A Proper Contact List

The second piece of received wisdom I had a year ago when starting Internet marketing was, “the money is in the list”. In other words ways to earn extra  money meant you needed a long email list. In the world of Web 2.0 there has been a shift. Relying on Email marketing is old school thinking; it has its place and must be part of a whole system approach to building relationships.

Your Social Media Reputation dictates your ways to earn extra money

I can probably hear you say, “You have to have a lot of contacts because only a percentage will buy from you.” True and not true. Email marketing has its roots in the early days of Internet Marketing as a way of ‘connecting’ with your prospective clients. This is based on two interesting statistics; 80% of the people who are exposed to your sales message at any one time will be unready to purchase, secondly you need to make between 5 – 12 contacts with a person before they buy.

So the concept of the email marketing campaign was born. This is an important part of the Internet marketer’s toolkit however in the world of Web 2.0 we are dealing with a media savvy generation. They are bombarded by emails and need a reason to open your particular email.

In Web 2.0 there is a specific approach to increase your clients as ways to earn extra money. This approach is based on a simple principle; people buy from people they know, like and trust. Continue reading

Excuses people use for failing to succeed

There are 4 main excuses people use for failing to succeed; Health, Intelligence, Age and Luck. This article challenges some myths about each one. After reading this article you will know how to deal with the first one.

People who enter self employment work from home opportunities and stop without succeeding often cite one of the above four excuses as the reason for their lack of success.

I should know I have used them. However it was after reading the best seller The Magic Of Thinking Big by David Schwartz I was able to actually identify them and do something about them.

So let’s deal with the first most common excuse used for lack of success – poor health. I am a disabled entrepreneur and there has been the odd day I have used this excuse. I have woke up feeling bad and used it as an excuse to say avoid doing a marketing video. Guess what, then it snowballs and before you know it all you did that day was answer some emails and check in on Facebook. Those are far from being marketing activities. Continue reading